Apply to MUNIAL’18 and join this big family during our conference.
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Department of Photography and Media:
Press Team is one of the departments of Organisation Team. We as directors of

Press absolutely invite you to join our Press Team. In this team while delegates, chairs, organisation team members in brief all members of MunIAL having fun, discussing the topics we will seize the moment with pictures and videos. Our journalists also will seize the moment with their opinions and writings. Our aims are while members are having fun making these moments unforgettable, informing members very well and also having fun.

This year Press Team will be formes as two groups. These groups will be rivel of each other. The will be two different social media accounts for the groups (The MunIAL Times and The MunIAL Post). These accounts will be group’s newspapers. And nobody can know which group will be the best. This is a race. You should work very hard for winning and getting the surprise award. We are waiting for you. Come and join us…